About Us

The ROHI Project is a school built at the base of the Tegucigalpa city dump in Honduras. This school is dedicated to serving and educating the children and families who live and work in the dump. We focus on the following areas: Spiritual * Physical * Emotional * Educational * Social

The name ROHI is inspired from one of the Hebrew names for God, Jehovah Rohi meaning “the Lord is my shepherd” as seen in Psalm 23.


To provide comprehensive care to the children, youth, and their families who live and work in the Tegucigalpa municipal dump.


The ROHI project in Honduras exists to protect and help the entire population of the municipal garbage dump in Tegucigalpa. In addition to providing values, tools, techniques, workshops and training so that at least one member of each family stops working in the mountain of garbage, positively changes their lives and the lives of those around them.

Our Community

Generations of families have been trapped in daily survival mode searching through the garbage dump searching for something to sell or to eat.

Our response

Bringing the love and hope of Jesus in tangible ways is of primary importance when seeking to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for generations.

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