Breaking the cycle of poverty in the garbage dump is an uphill climb, made easier when a friend reaches
down to offer a hand up. As a ROHI Project sponsor, you are that child’s advocate. You get to know them by email
correspondence and the exchange of letters and pictures. You pray for them and support their education.

Start sponsoring a child today!

Just $36 a month helps to provide for the development needs for one child at ROHI Project.

  • Nutritious breakfast and lunch at school
  • Government-approved education
  • A caring teacher who serves as a positive mentor
  • Health care as needed

When you sponsor a child you will receive:

  • A monthly email newsletter updating you about ROHI’s progress
  • The opportunity to communicate with your child by email
  • A Christmas Card from your child in December


CLICK the bottom button (or scan QR code) to be redirected to our secure online giving site and enter the following information…

If you know the name of the child – put his/her name in the popup designation box (Optional & depending on your system might not pop up) – email [email protected] to choose a child in advance or we can choose for you.

Enter the amount for your donations

$36.00 Monthly
$108.00 Quarterly
$432.00 Annually

Specify your Payment Account Type
Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX) or Bank Draft (ACH from checking or savings account)

Enter donation frequency… monthly, quarterly, annual, etc

Choose starting date for your donation

Add Contact Information…Enter your Name, Address, and other information
This information is used to create your online giving account.

Enter Payment Details

Click in box next to I am not a robot… Follow instructions… Once there is a check mark, click Send Donation

**An Email confirmation will be sent immediately, please reply to it.


Does $36 cover all the expenses for one child? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In 2023 the average cost per student at ROHI Project was about $77 per month (educational materials, food, teachers, medicine, etc).  To help raise the funds needed and to build relationships between donors and our students, we have our Child Sponsorship program for a suggested $36 per month.  Obviously, $36 only partially covers the true costs, so we allow two sponsors per student and rely on our general fund – named Community Sponsorship to cover any difference. 

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