ROHI students move closer to reaching their goals 

Each academic year, ROHI students move closer to reaching their goals. With God’s help, the support of their teachers and each donor who makes ROHI possible, the community of the municipal garbage dump of Tegucigalpa has a future and opportunities for study, which translates to opportunities to be agents of change for their families. ROHI Project added new classes to its academic curriculum this year including woodworking and sewing. Students have been enjoying the new classes, and even the young students are learning to sew.

Daily meals help each student to focus more on their studies and obtain better grades in addition to growing healthier. Stimulation and education for our young students is paramount for educators at ROHI. We have seen considerable improvements in many children who arrived malnourished, with no desire to learn and in great need of affection and love.  

ROHI February Highlights:

  • Medical brigade for ROHI students held by local church (consultations with diagnosis and medicine provided)
  • Visits from international groups, including one from Missouri that completed home repairs for 4 ROHI families and helped put gutters on the ROHI building
  • Visit from a local ministry for street kids—a program graduate who has become a professional chef shared his testimony and his food 
  • Alliance formed with Honduran private hospital that is providing free family planning options for program moms—8 moms have already had appointments
  • Honduran organizations donated ham and yogurt for all ROHI students to take home (meat is a rarity at home)
  • Local Scout troop visited and delivered 130 backpacks and teaching materials
  • Visit from local motorcycle group that shared 58 evangelistic gift boxes with students

Prayer Requests from ROHI Staff for:

  • a month full of the favor and grace of the Lord
  • protection and care for each of our children and young people
  • a very profitable month of learning and spiritual enrichment for each student
  • provision and great blessings in the home of each program family
  • health and medicine in abundance—may God put his healing hand on every sick person
  • foreign and national authorities—may God bring much rest and pour out wisdom on each of them
  • the Holy Spirit to give us hearts sensitive to his voice and willing to do his work
  • the spiritual life of the staff
  • the donors and their families—may God continue to bless you and use you as a channel of blessing in the ROHI project
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