ROHI Updates: A lot to be thankful for

We are thankful to report that although the ROHI director was very ill and hospitalized with dengue last month, she has recovered and is back to work. One thing we appreciate about her is that this is not a job for her. She is passionate about what she does and loves the students and the program so much that she desires to be there, even when she does not feel well. 

We are also thankful that despite her absence, the program continued to run smoothly. The staff ensured that:

  • the Monday devotional gave a time for the children and youth to seek God and learn from his word
  • breakfast and lunch were served daily and on time
  • second-term classes continued, including the weekly Bible classes and physical education
  • the barber students volunteered at ROHI, cutting hair once a week

Students studying and eating seems so commonplace, but for these children, neither would be possible without your help through ROHI Project. 

In April, the team of teachers also renewed their visits to the homes of the ROHI students to learn more about their needs and pray for their families.

Prayer Requests from ROHI Staff for:

  • God to guide the Monday devotionals
  • health for the students and staff
  • students to learn well and have good attitudes despite the heat
  • strength, energy, and encouragement for the staff as they work in tough conditions and help families through hard things
  • blessings on the donors’ lives, families, and jobs
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