ROHI Updates: New Uniforms, Student Success, Health Support

ROHI students have uniforms shirts this year! Nearly all schools in Honduras use uniforms and utilizing them at ROHI now makes it feel like a more official school as well as makes it safer for students because the police that patrol the area can identify them as students and not truants or delinquents. The ROHI staff handed out the shirts to the mothers, and they were grateful and happy, as they had asked about getting uniforms for their children last year and tried to save up enough to buy them, but it was just too much compared to the little that they earn. Thank you to the donors who made this possible!

In March, four students took big steps to prepare themselves for the future. Two high school students began an advanced barbershop course. Yerlin and Yordi are excited to improve their techniques as they specialize in men’s haircuts. Paola, who graduated last year from high school, also began a barbershop course. Weekly they cut hair at ROHI as a way of giving back to the program that is supporting them. Additionally, Carlos, another of last year’s high school graduates, started in the Honduran Air Force training program.

It was a difficult month health-wise for a number of students, both young and old. Thanks to ROHI’s help, they were all treated at the country’s public hospital and were diagnosed with dengue, fever, digestive problems, anemia, respiratory and chest problems, tonsillitis and appendicitis. We ask for your prayers for their improvement. Because of donor support, ROHI is able to pay what the families can’t—ROHI not only provides transportation to the hospital when students are sick, they also help cover the cost of any necessary medication or surgeries. That is such a blessing to the parents who do the best they can to care for their children, but simply don’t have extra resources when unexpected issues arise. 

The family worship service this month was a great blessing for each ROHI Project family. Many mothers arrive exhausted, tired and burdened by daily life. Hearing the word of God is always positive and brings encouragement to the most oppressed.

Additional March Events at ROHI:

  • 1st term exams for kindergarten through high school
  • 2024 school photos
  • Honduran Father’s Day Celebration
  • ROHI was selected by Samaritan’s Purse to receive 145 shoeboxes, which were delivered in March. Along with the gifts, they also provide evangelistic tools to use when handing them out, which the ROHI staff said are a huge blessing to continue preaching the word of God to each little one and one more way to reach the families of the Tegucigalpa garbage dump for Christ. 
  • Visiting team from Tennessee that in addition to visiting ROHI also took food up to those working on the dump 
  • Donation of 45 backpacks and school supplies from a local church and ministry as well as clothing and basic food from another local organization

Prayer Requests from ROHI Staff for:

  • our almighty God to continue to protect all the students, both at school and at home
  • blessing and provision for the families of the project
  • health for the students that are sick and in poor health
  • spiritual strength for the staff
  • donors and their families—may God preserve them and allow them to continue being a channel of blessing for those in the project 
  • those that oversee ROHI, both foreign and Honduran, may God bless them and protect them
  • the technical and university students—may God grant them health and well-being as well as the wisdom to learn their trade and profession in the best way
  • those in charge of the kitchen (Martha, Guillermina, Balbina and Erika)—may God grant these ladies much strength and health to continue serving ROHI
  • God to guide the ROHI staff to continue doing things according to his will within the ROHI project
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